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B and T Lymphocyte Quant by Flow

Order Name B T Lymph Qnt
Test Number 5582618
Revision Date 05/22/2019
Test Name Methodology LOINC Code
CD2 Lymphocyte Count
Flow cytometry  
CD3 Lymphocyte Count
Flow cytometry  
CD19 Lymphcyte Count
Flow cytometry  
.Lymphocyte Absolute CD4 Count
Flow cytometry  
CD8 Lymphocyte Count
Flow cytometry  
Complete Blood Count (CBC) with Automated Differential
Flow cytometry  
Specimen Specimen Volume (min) Specimen Type Specimen Container Transport Environment
Preferred 5 mL (3 mL) Whole Blood EDTA (Lavender Top) Room Temperature
Alternate 1 5 mL (3 mL) Whole Blood Lithium Heparin (Dark Green Top / No-Gel) Room Temperature
Instructions Deliver to laboratory (flow cytometry) ASAP.
DO NOT Centrifuge or Refrigerate. Collect Monday through Friday only!
Specimen must be received in the lab section by Friday afternoon or collect sample on Monday.
Specimen stability: 48hrs Room Temperature.
Testing Schedule Mon - Fri  
Expected TAT 2 Days 
Clinical Use This is a semi-quantitative assay that measures both the relative and absolute numbers of B cells and T cells in the peripheral blood, which may be useful in the initial evaluation of patients with suspected immunodeficiency.
This test is also known as:
Lymphocyte Quant by Flow
Flow Abbreviated Immunophenotype Panel

CPT Code(s) 86356, 86359, 86355, 85025, 86360 (CD4/CD8 combined with ratio bill single 86360)
Lab Section Flow Cytometry