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MLH1 Promoter Methylation, Paraffin

Order Name MLH1PCR
Test Number: 6905085
Revision Date 12/01/2021
Test Name Methodology LOINC Code
MLH1 Promoter Methylation
Real Time PCR/Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer  
Block ID
Specimen Specimen Volume (min) Specimen Type Specimen Container Transport Environment
Preferred See instructions Tissue Paraffin Block Refrigerated
Alternate 1 5 Slides (3 Slides) Tissue Glass Slides with Holder Refrigerated
Instructions Collect: Tumor tissue.
Include surgical pathology report. Tissue block will be returned after testing.
Formalin fix (10 percent neutral buffered formalin) and paraffin embed tissue. Protect from excessive heat. Transport tissue block or 5 unstained 5-micron slides (Min: 3 slides). Transport block and/or slide(s) in a tissue transport kit.
Unacceptable Conditions: Frozen specimens. Specimens fixed/processed in alternative fixatives (alcohol, Prefer) or heavy metal fixatives (B-4 or B-5). Decalcified specimens.
Stability: Ambient: Indefinitely; Refrigerated: Indefinitely; Frozen: Unacceptable
Testing Schedule DNA isolation: Sun-Sat, Assay: Sun, Tue, Thu 
Expected TAT 10-12 days  
Notes Reference Lab: ARUP
Test Code: 3004308
Click Here to view information on the ARUP website.
CPT Code(s) 88381, 81288
Lab Section Reference Lab